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We also offer services  and treatments for issues such as smoking cessation, weight loss, sports performance and employ state of the art treatment methods. 




We are trained in a wide range of treatment modalities (e.g. CBT, client centered, brief therapy, solution focused, etc...) so that we can find the one that is right for you.

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As a licensed psychologist, Dr. Wysocki is trained to administer assessments for neuropsychological problems, career development, academic problems, personality, and diagnosis of mental illness. 



Our counseling services can provide career and vocational counseling.  We utilize the leading assessments in the field.  We also provide IQ and personality testing. Our academic services can provide students with the skills to improve grades and behavior in school.  Sports counseling can help athletes achieve better performance through increased focus, attention by utilizing visualization and meditation.



We believe that therapy should be adapted to the needs and abilities of the individual. We use a collaborative style, working with the client to set goals and making the individual an active participant in the process. We will work to define the most serious problems, set realistic expectations, and focus on symptom reduction. By utilizing empirically supported methods including cognitive-behavioral therapy, brief solution focus therapy, biofeedback and hypnosis, a client should expect to see some symptom reduction within weeks and not months or years.


Our staff is trained in cultural sensitivity so that we can address the needs of a diverse clientele. Our goal is to be responsive to our client's needs in a timely and compassionate manner. By focusing on our clients, both in the office and outside the office, we aim to provide our clients with an experience that will facilitate healing and growth. This begins the moment you contact us.  Unlike other agencies that start charging the minute you walk into the office, we provide a free, no obligation consultation that let's you determine if we meet your needs. We welcome the opportunity to work for you.




Dr. Robert Wysocki