Dr. Samantha Soll

There are many experiences and challenges in life that cause distress. Therapy can be a healthy and meaningful way to improve ones functioning, experience and level of fulfillment. It is my goal to provide a supportive and gently challenging environment, where a client can expect to make therapeutic change. My role in therapy is to work as a team with my client to identify therapeutic goals, identify how to best reach the goals and explore how to manage the social, emotional and environmental barriers in the individual's life.

Dr. Samantha Soll attended Adler University, receiving a Master's degree and a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. Dr. Soll is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. While working as a generalist, Dr. Soll also specializes in working with trauma, domestic violence and postpartum depression, as well as the LGBTQ community.
If you are interested in beginning therapy, or receiving a free 30 minute consultation, please feel free to contact Dr. Soll at the number provided. It should be noted that Dr. Soll returns phone calls personally, and will attend to any messages left at her earliest convenience.